My name is Shane DeSeranno. I’m a software developer at Microsoft.  If you didn’t already know this… I’m a gamer.  I play pretty much everything.


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  1. Mark says:

    Hi folks.. Any recent updates on the Gaming table? Looks like almost a year and I wondered if any new technology might have intruded onto your project. 🙂

    • tyrendes says:

      Hey Mark! To be honest, our gaming group has really hit a groove. We play almost every other Sunday, and we are still using the table everytime. However, we haven’t really felt the need for any extra technology. In fact, we have decided to take away things that were getting in the way.

      We don’t use the Wiimote anymore, we found that having the players just move real figs around the board, and I (the DM) just uses a mouse to quickly update where their digital token is. This has proved to be very effective.

      Thanks for the interest!

  2. jonny says:

    Hey! I stumbled upon your blog and also a projector. I really want to do something like you have done, but I have having trouble figuring out what to use as material for the rear projection. Did you place something on plexi glass or did you buy a plexi glass that had a frost to it? Thanks in advance, I hope you are still checking this and gaming too!

    • tyrendes says:

      Hey Jonny! Yeah, I still check this. I used a thin material used in quilting. I don’t know what it was called. But honestly, any opaque white material will work. I’d bet a thin white sheet would work too. Just sandwich it between two sheets of clear plexi.

      • Thanks so much! I will give that a shot! I ended up with a white sheet and one sheet of plexi, but I am going to get a second as you suggested. Thanks again!

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