Hobby Check-in

Hey everyone… It’s been ages since I’ve posted. I haven’t had any real progress or changes related to the game table.  The system we have works great for our game and we have been using it for over 2 years!  So what have I been doing?

Work: I have moved over to the Kinect for Windows team at Microsoft.  This has been a fun challenge and I’ve already begun to devise ways I can use this to assist our game.

Ham Radio: Since my last check-in, I have upgraded my ham license to a general class. This allows me to use a greater range of frequencies.  Along with this I bought an Elecraft K3 and an HF9V antenna.  With this system, I have managed to talk all over the world with only 100 watts of power!

Gold Prospecting: We have taken up this hobby when time permits and hope to get more actively involved.  One thing I have noticed is that it seems like the gold prospecting resources on the net are weak and disorganized.

SCA: We have been less active in our SCA involvement, but this year we plan to perform two SCA related plays at events.

Las Vegas: Finally, we are going to Vegas this year.  It’s going to be a great trip as we’ve managed to coordinate with our friends, The Gills.  We’ll be staying at the same hotel, showing up at the same time, and hopefully winning big!

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2 Responses to Hobby Check-in

  1. panorampanda says:

    I hope you can use the kinect to do the token tracking you’ve talked about! Look into roll20.net as well, they’ve made some interesting progress on the digital gaming in general. If you get token tracking working, you should share. A friend and I are actually building our own table right now, inspired by yours. We plan on making it analog for now, with a dry-erase board game surface. Same design as yours really, but we’re gonna lengthen the sides to fit 3 people per side (instead of 2, we have a big group), while still keeping 2 on the end opposite the DM’s spot.

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