Touchscreen and Token Recognition Update

Last night I stumbled on an open source solution called reacTIVision.  It is a client/server setup that has sample C# client code. I just finished porting my token tool over to use this new solution and it is VERY promising.  I managed to prove that it can recognize a token, associate that token to an in game token from the MapTool program.  And finally, I’m able to send that info over the wire to MapTool to update the location of a token.

There are a few problems, but I have potential solutions. The problem with the projector washing out the markers might be fixed by using a nightvision style webcam that uses bright IR light to illuminate the bottom of the tokens with a massive amount of light that humans can’t see.  I haven’t tested this yet as I need to pick up some source of bright IR light, and a camera that is tuned to that wavelength.

The other cool part? This library is smart enough to detect “finger” sized points of light, meaning that it might be able to easily support a true “touch” system! I’ll update more later and if I get it working 100%, I’ll get some video to share!

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2 Responses to Touchscreen and Token Recognition Update

  1. Unknown says:

    I\’m sure you already found this site, but what you want to do is covered here I have been following your progress and plan to implement a similar setup for my local d&d group. This guy in particular has plans close to what you are trying for from the hardware side.

  2. Jesse Gunnoe says:

    could you possibly post plans to the table? that would be awesome if you could

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