New Blog Series – Life as a DM

I was pondering today about updating my blog to provide some insight into how my mind works as a DM.  I think the best place to start is at the beginning.  So, for today’s installment…

In the Beginning

I have many memories of playing D&D as a kid.  I remember my mom going through a religious phase and telling me that D&D made her uncomfortable.  She said it felt a lot like devil worshiping.  This, of course, didn’t stop me from playing.  I was probably only 10 or 12 years old (1986-1988), but I knew it was just a game where kids get to do what they do best, use their imagination.

So I read through my cousin’s books (red/blue/and green) and learned what I felt were the rules we were supposed to follow, then my cousin and I took turns making characters and running adventures for each other.  Thinking back, we were probably not following many rules, and none of our adventures really had a plot or purpose, but we did accomplish one important goal that every DM and player should strive for: Have Fun

I remember one of our games went like this: “You are at a town and they ask you to go save the princess from the cave. So you head out of town and you are walking down a path…  you keep going… a little more… then you see a clearing… like this (draws simple map on paper)… and goblins jump out and attack.”  As you can see, role playing and plot were far less important.  Heck, rules weren’t very important either.  We merely needed someone to provide the idea of a game, and we could play for hours!

Share your stories of your first D&D experience… Was it good? Bad? Were you the DM? A player?

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