Live D&D Show – 5/15/2009 @ 7PM Pacific

The basic way this works is you go to our show page at:

This loads a flash program that shows the live video feed (with about a 3-6 second delay). On the right is a chat window that allows you to chat with me. Feel free to chat with each other as well. They made changes recently that make is hard (impossible?) to chat without creating an account, so if you want to chat, I recommend you make an account, its really fast and easy.

I’ll do my best to keep up with the chat, but we are going to be playing D&D. There will be times when I am "in the game".

Also, to set expectations correctly, we aren’t going to do anything special to "spice up" the game for the video feed. Some people have come in and commented "this is dumb" or "this is boring". But we are just playing D&D, if you don’t want to watch, just close the browser and go on about your evening! I will try my best to make it as interactive as possible, but I don’t want to disturb the flow of the game either.

The "cast" page can be found at: The Cast

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