Live D&D – The Cast

As an experiment we have been broadcasting our live D&D game on for the last 5 sessions and the people that have tuned in seem to enjoy the interactivity.  So, I felt it necessary to introduce the cast of the show.

Dan Daniel Ramey aka The DM – Daniel is one of the most creative and free form DMs that I  have ever met.  He loves to craft a creative story, but still manages to bend the rules where necessary to make the game as fun as possible for the players.  He has done his fair share of world creation and is known for his love of total party kills (TPKs) when the unsuspecting characters wander into round rooms.
Leah Leah DeSeranno aka Anita Sindora – Leah is one of our two gamer chicks.   She is my beloved wife who supported all the crazy game table ideas I’ve had and helped me design and build it.  She plays Anita, the Elven Wizard that is quickly earning the rap of shoot first and ask questions later.
jeff Jeff Jones aka Erevan – Jeff is our resident hack in slasher and is known for his kick the door down and bash in the heads of the unsuspecting foe attitude.  Eravan is an Eladrin Swordmage who has stepped up to the plate and slaughtered his fair share of bad guys with his sword skills.
Me Shane DeSeranno aka Raskin Freetrees – Shane is the hyperactive player that is always waiting for his turn as he believes his next action will be the one that seals the deal.  He plays Raskin, the Elven Paladin who always puts his allies and innocents before himself.
Lara Lara Ramey aka Caelynna – Lara has been busy with school and so she has been a part time player, but she is the no nonsense player who looks to eek every bit of value out of each of her turns.  She plays Caelynna the Eladrin Rogue whose stealth skill often find ways to set up the opponents so she can score the all important sneak attack!
ShanePeterson Shane Peterson aka Barakas – Shane is the shy one of the bunch that loves to throw dice, but when pressed to role play tends to smile, nod, or shrug.  He may not speak much, but when he does it is sure to get a laugh.  He plays Barakas the Dragonborn Warlord whose job it is to inspire his allies while soaking up enough damage to keep this friends alive.
Chris Chris Lee aka Frylar Larkin – Chris is always quick witted and finding humor in even the bleakest moment in our games.  If anyone in our group is going to say something unexpected or inappropriate, it’s Chris.  He plays Frylar the Tiefling Warlock whose notorious for the saying, “Eldrich blast up the ass!”  Frylar would be feared among all evil creatures in the D&D world if any could survive the Eldrich energy that violated them.
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3 Responses to Live D&D – The Cast

  1. Daniel says:

    🙂 Nice Shane! Looking forward to our next game this friday night! I hear that there are a few new round rooms in the labryinth for you guys to find…

  2. Shane says:

    DAMN IT! Hey, can we send in Mindartis?

  3. Michael says:

    Love the shirt, Shane. I\’ve got one myself.

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