Follow-up Post – Projector Setup

I was asked for some extra pictures showing how I have the projector setup.  It’s hard to get a good shot due to space limitations, but these two show the basic position.


Projector 2 Projector 1

As you can see the projector is aimed downwards.  Below is a mirror that reflects the image up.  If I take a tape measure and measure the distance from the lens on the projector, to the floor, and the back up to the table, it gives me about 5’.  This is perfect as the projector has a 5’ minimum throw distance.  And it also gives me a 3’ wide image.  Also, the Wiimote is taped to the side of the projector and uses the mirror as well since it needs to be able to see the full picture of the screen.

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3 Responses to Follow-up Post – Projector Setup

  1. Joe says:

    How in the world did you mount the projector to the tripod? Did you have to get some sort of adapter plate?

  2. Shane says:

    No, it has a camera mount on the bottom of it, I just used that.

  3. Arberdark says:

    what type of projector is it? what brand i guess is a better way to ask. im wanting to build a game table like yours and would like to use close to the same items you used. Thanks ahead of time!

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