Man, I feel so lucky sometimes!

So, this last year has really been a year for me to realize that I can make stuff happen in my life.  It’s hard to imagine that at one point in my life, I was actually really shy and quiet.  However, I have learned through high school and work that the old adage, “The best things come to those who wait.”, is completely false!  You need to go get stuff.  Don’t be afraid of rejection and other things that come up when you are outgoing.  Here are a few examples of how cool shit has happened to me:

I’ve been fairly outgoing about learning the D&D 4E rules.  This led me to the D&D podcasts, which led me to Wil Wheaton’s Blog… Which led me to have a conversation with Wil regarding 4E rules.

Another example, I’ve been learning XNA and helping out on the forums, this led me to being recognized as an XNA leader.  I sent out a few samples to the discussion list and the next thing I know, I get asked by an author if I will be a technical reviewer for his book. See:
Tech Review

Stuff like this happens to me a lot:

MSDN Article – “I would like to thank Dave Murray and Shane DeSeranno of Microsoft for offering guidance on the internals of Silverlight socket implementation, along with Robert Brooks, a domain expert on call centers for the screen pop discussion.

HeraldNet“While we re-create history, we create our own history while we do it," said Shane Deseranno of Snohomish.”

MSDN Blog – “Many thanks to Shane DeSeranno of the Zune team for helping me wrap my head around this concept.

Poker Podcast – “Hosted By: Shane DeSeranno, Jamey Saunders

All of this is so cool to me. To know that I’ve made an impact and parts of my participation in the world will be remembered.

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