Shane’s Guide to Reading the Internet

I’ve been wondering how the hell people keep up with all the shit on the net.  Seriously, there is so much crap out there… How do you guys keep up? Some people use RSS feeds, some just sit in their browser and refresh over and over, some have TXT messages sent to their phones, and others just browse the net on their phone all the time.

I am a sick bastard. I do ALL of these! Yes, I have a number of RSS feeds that I monitor on a daily basis and I have about 5 web pages that I constantly refresh.  Why? Is there anything that I need to know and respond to instantly? No.  I just like to know what others are doing.

So what am I doing? I’ve found that blogs that don’t spend their time trying to be specific are the most entertaining.  So, that’s what I’m doing. I’m blogging about nothing in particular.

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