Family Time: Geocaching

Today we decided to make a day of Geocaching.  We searched and found 4 caches near our house and headed out.  We stopped and got the obligatory mocha, then headed to a nearby park.  Sadly we searched the location for the cache, but came up empty.  I think we found the hiding place, but I believe that the cache was missing.  I contacted the cache owner to check.

Next we charted our course for about a mile away and drove to an old golf course.  There was no one around and we slipped across the field. Ally was running the GPS and tracked us right to an old stump by a pond.  The kids quickly found this cache and pulled it out for us to examine.  There were a few kids toys inside, and our kids swapped an item and we left Snapper.  He’s a toy that has a travel bug attached so people can track him. He started in Florida and has traveled a long way to rest near this pond.

Then we stopped by KFC for lunch and trekked over to another park.  After a short lunch break we set out to find the two micro (really small) caches hidden here.  The first was in the bushes quite a bit, but we found it! Sadly, it was closed VERY tight and none of us could open it. =(

Then we went back up by the car and targeted the micro cache near the frisbee course.  Tucked away in the tree was a little metal container barely big enough for a small strip of paper.  We signed it and returned it to its hiding place for the next adventurers!

To finish the family time, we let the kids play on the playground, then headed home! The whole family had a great time and we also got lots of exercise! I highly recommend a day like this to everyone. =)

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