Pictures from Remodel

This is the first part of the remodel.

The floor!
Here is the floor, it’s messy, but we are tearing it apart, what do you expect.

Here is the room looking out.

Here is looking into the room.

Okay, so you can see why we hated the room! BLUE! Ugh! What a horrible color for a bathroom.  Anyways, we made great progress last night.  We managed to get the sink/vanity removed and the toilet removed.  We also cleaned the floor up, washed the walls, put spackle in the holes, sanded, AND painted our first coat of primer! (Pictures were taken and I will post when available.)

So far, we are having a good time with the entire process, but we are slightly worried about our tile design for the floor.  We can’t seem to find the black and red tiles we are wanting.  We need to do some serious calling around to various nearby specialty tile stores.

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